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There are no translations available.

We accept quilts to be quilted in two ways. A quilt may be posted to us or an appointment to drop off the quilt can be made by calling or email us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please contact us to discuss the details!

We speak English, Hungarian, Russian and Dutch and can send the translation of any page and price list upon request.

There are several quilting options available.
Pantographs are also called all-over patterns and are quilted from the back of the machine. We have several pantographs available.
Custom quilting is a combination of several different methods of quilting, including stitching in the ditch, stitching separate border designs, echo quilting, trapunto, free-hand stitching and fill stitches. This type of quilting is usually much more intensive and must be priced individually.

Heirloom quilting which is the most intensive quilting type and requires a great deal of time and attention to details is also offered upon individual request.

If a quilt is brought in personally, all options will be discussed and decided and a price will be given the customer. If a quilt is posted, the quilt will be evaluated by the quilter and the customer then contacted with any questions or suggestions to the customer’s service request and a price will then be quoted. In order to place a quilt in the queue to be quilted, Budapest Quilt Studio must receive 50% of the quoted final price, either in cash or by bank transfer.

Once the quilting is completed, the remaining 50% of the final price must be received before the quilt may be delivered to the owner. If the quilt is to be returned via post, the price of postage and insurance via The Hungarian Postal service (Magyar Posta) will be quoted in the final price.