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Long-arm quilting is a process where the quilt top, the batting and backing fabric is sewn together with the help of a long-arm quilting machine. The long-arm quilting system consists of an industrial sewing machine (the head) which is placed on wheels and moving on tracks across the sewing area. The sewing machine head can be operated by hand or by computer.

The quilting system also has a table, the length of which can vary between ten to fourteen feet. This is a flat place where the quilting motifs can be placed for following them with a help of a laser light (like pantograph). The frame of the machine has the rollers which hold the quilt top, batting and backing fabric and help to stretch and advance the quilt during the quilting process.

If you would like to learn more about long-arm quilting you can visit the following websites:

On the long-arm quilting machines several quilting options available, like pantographs and custom work. Please read more about it under the menu Quilting Options.


What Can a Long-arm Quilting Service Offer to You?

  • Skilled workmanship

Professional long-arm quilters attend classes, workshops and practice a lot to offer you a quality workmanship.

  • Time saving

Having your quilt top quilted by a professional long-arm quilter can reduce the time of finishing your patchwork and eliminate the time consuming work of basting.

  • Finished quilt tops

You can dig out those UFO-s from your cupboard and give them to the long-arm quilter to turn them into a beautiful quilt for your bed or for your children. It is better finished and admired than hidden away:)

  • New projects

While your patchwork is quilted, you can concentrate on your new project and start to sew it.



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